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Assistance In Mothering

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Caring For You

And Your Child

Providing a Helping Hand in Your Path of Motherhood

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Our Purpose

" one another; as I have loved you." John 13:34

stroller and baby supplies

To provide you with support to help you carry your baby to term

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To assist you in planning for a positive future for you and your baby

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To give you hope to face whatever the future may hold

What We Provide

Caring staff

Abortion alternatives

Support in planning life decisions

Encouragement in spiritual matters

Baby and personal care supplies through our Learn-N-Earn program


Information regarding pregnancy, parenting, STDs, and more

Referrals such as medical care, insurance, and housing

Practical help:

Parenting training, money management training, woman's health workshops, and much, much, more...

We will never discriminate against anyone.

We welcome every woman with compassion, regardless of age, skin color, marital status, or any other criteria.

We will never advise anyone to use any medication that promises to end a pregnancy.

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Questions & Concerns

  • How can I be sure I'm pregnant?

  • How should I tell my baby's father and my family about this?

  • Should I raise my child or look at adoption?

  • Should I get married?

  • What about material needs?

  • Where can I get diapers and clothes?

  • How can I provide for myself and my child?

  • Where can I get the medical care that I need?

A.I.M. Woman's Resource Center can help you find the answers!

Take The First Step

We are here to help you in your journey of motherhood!

Or, give us a call!

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